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Simple, safe, and guaranteed effective.  The best on the market for under a thousand dollars, we guarantee it!
Stop Snoring
Snoring 101
Simply put, snoring happens because the tissues of your throat, soft palate and uvula relax during sleep. You breathe and they shake, rattle and roll. Several things can aggravate simple snoring.
  • Obesity results in a larger build up of fatty tissue in the throat.
  • Alcohol consumption causes those tissues to relax farther still.
  • Sleeping on your back causes those relaxed tissues, cartoon like, to stretch and block the airway.
  • Age causes gradual atrophy of muscle tone in the throat.
  • Allergies, colds, a deviated septum - inhibit breathing through the nose, which in turn causes you to breathe through your mouth.
Stop Snoring Four Ounce Jar
Stop Snoring, Really?
We didn't intend to make a product for Snoring - we confess, this happened accidentally.  When we ran the consumer trials for our Bedtime Blend for Insomnia we received feedback we never expected - all about how Blend #11 stopped their snoring!
After the tests concluded and we had found a completely different recipe for the Bedtime Blend, the testers who had tried this Blend wanted MORE - for the Snoring alone!
We had to ask ourselves if we could honestly say that our "accident" worked better than what was already on the market for snoring problems?  We ordered one of every snoring product we could find - and trials started all over again.

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Two Four Ounce Jars $39.99
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How Stop Snoring Works
As you inhale before and during sleep, the essential oils in this blend come into direct contact with the tissues of the nasal cavity, the epiglottis, the pharynx, larynx, trachea and into the lungs, where they enter the bloodstream via the tiny capillaries in the alveoli.  The sedative components reach the brain through both the olfactory nerve and the bloodstream, creating deeper and more restful sleep.  The astringent compounds tighten the surface areas on contact.  The nasal passages are clearer so you can breathe through your nose, and the soft palate, the uvula, the throat, even the vocal chords - are tighter, firmer, resulting in far less noise and far better sleep.

How to Use Stop Snoring
Shake and open the four ounce jar.  Leave it open within thirty inches of your face while you sleep.  Close it in the morning.  It really is that easy.  One jar of Stop Snoring typically works at peak efficacy for sixty to ninety days when used as directed.
One Four Ounce Jar  $20.99
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What We Found

Surgery has the highest proven rate of "curing" snoring.  At eleven thousand dollars (and not one of our staff being willing to go under the knife for research purposes) - we skipped that as a comparison.
Earplugs are the cheapest way to sleep with a snorer.  We skipped that one too.

We did try the following:

Anti-snore sprays -  these invariably tasted like the dentist's office and made little or no difference at all.
Chin straps - some of these worked fairly well, but at sixty plus dollars, none of our testers were all that thrilled about sleeping with what looked like a jock strap over their heads.
Electronic gadgets - these were cheap.  And bzzzty.  You stop snoring because you are shocked awake.  Testers unanimously voted to have us euthanized if we tried that again.
Nose strips - not unlike a Band Aid, these were cheap and they did seem to help with breathing through the nose, which, sadly, is just one small part of snoring.
(We intentionally offer links to other products to the left and at the bottom of this page.  We urge you to bookmark this page and to comparison shop.  We honestly don't believe there's anything that works better under a thousand dollars.)
Our Stop Snoring Blend
We had six hundred and eleven volunteers for testing.  Of those, five hundred and ninety eight said that Stop Snoring stopped or greatly reduced their snoring on the very first night they tried it.  That's 98%.

Will it Work for You?
We believe it will.  In fact, we believe it will so strongly that we make it risk-free for you to try it.  Not only do we offer a thirty day Money Back satisfaction guarantee on Stop Snoring, but we accept Paypal as payment - and Paypal has been made famous for its "Buyers Protection" policy.

You're Looking for Something That Will Help You Stop Snoring
And we have what you need, we guarantee it.  Try Stop Snoring now, and if it doesn't do exactly what we say it will - we'll give you your money back.  No questions asked.
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